About Jeff Jansen, sole proprietor of Modest Systems

Employment History

1994 to Present Proprietor, Modest Systems, Portland, OR

Sole Proprietor of a consulting firm offering technical communications services and specializing in software documentation (printed and online) and Web sites.

1990 to 1996 Commercial Program Consultant, PECI, Portland, OR

Consultant to electric utilities and government agencies in designing programs, procedures, and analysis tools to increase the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings.
Also functioned as principal communication specialist, technical writer, editor, and graphic artist for company work products.

1988 to 1990 Architect, Commercial Technology Section, Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR

Acted as assistant project manager and provided technical direction and oversight for Bonneville's Energy Edge Project.

1979 to 1988 Architect, Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN

Provided energy services and analysis tools to the building-design community through a variety of programs aimed at energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Designed, wrote, documented, maintained, distributed and supported energy-related microcomputer programs.

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Master of Environmental Planning, Arizona State University, Tempe

Bachelor of Science in Architecture, cum laude, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

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Jeff Jansen has been a member of the Willamette Valley Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication since 1994. He is currently chapter Treasurer, was a best-of-show judge for the chapter's 2001 competition, served as a judge for the chapter's 1996 and 2000 competitions, and is a former comanager of the chapter's Contractors' Special Interest Group.

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Professional Development

  • Tenth Annual WinWriters Online Help, Seattle, WA, February 11-13, 2002.
  • Society for Technical Communication Region 7 Conference, Portland, OR, October 2001
  • Sixth Annual WinWriters Online Help, Seattle, WA, February 8-11, 1998. Including preconference workshops on Usability Testing and Indexing.
  • Society for Technical Communication, Willamette Valley Chapter. Frequently attend the monthly meetings of the Online SIG (Special Interest Group) and the Contractors' SIG.
  • WinHelp 97 Conference, Seattle, WA, February 9-12, 1997.
  • Society for Technical Communication Region 7 Conference, Portland, OR, October 1995
  • Introduction to Programming for Windows with Visual Basic, Microsoft Corp., 1993.
And from my previous career:
  • Regional Conference on Building Commissioning, Seattle, WA, November 1995.
  • National New Construction Programs for Demand-Side-Management Conference, Boston MA, March 1995; and October 1993
  • Annual Meeting of the Association of Energy Services Professionals, Orlando FL, December 1994.
  • Second National Conference on Building Commissioning, St. Petersburg Beach FL, May 1994.
  • ACEEE Summer Study on Energy-Efficient Buildings, Asilomar CA, 1992 and 1990.
  • National Conference on Microcomputer Applications in Conservation and Renewable Energy, Tucson AZ, October 1986.
  • Energy--An Integrated Approach (A Conference on Planning, Design, and Marketing of Commercial and Institutional Buildings), Chattanooga TN, May 1985 and May 1986.
  • Building Energy Simulation Conference, Seattle WA, August 1985.
  • Life-Cycle Costing for Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy in Federal and Municipal Buildings, NBS Workshop, Chattanooga TN, July 1985.
  • HVAC Controls and Modeling Simulation, Workshop, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, February 1984.
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Biannual Conferences, several
  • American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and its Passive Division, numerous annual meetings.

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